Battle another hacker to control as many hosts as you can.

"To win this battle you must occupy a majority of the hosts for as long as possible. You occupy a host if you have more EXAs in it than your opponent. Gain one point every cycle you occupy more hosts than your opponent. Lose one point every time one of your EXAs executes a KILL instruction. Writing any value to the #NUKE register will destroy all EXAs in that host, including the EXA that triggered it."

  • Your opponent, selenium_wolf, has a powerful program but it is flawed. It does not do well at maintaining multiple EXAs in the same host.
  • It is easy to treat this the same as The Wormhole but it is not. In particular, you have a much more limited number of EXAs available, so place them carefully.
  • The hosts with only one space are important. Once an EXA is in there, you will score that host forever. Go for them first.