EXAPUNKS has a number of achievements that are triggered by doing special tasks throughout the game. These are often non-obvious from the description of the achievement, and not always easy. The achievement tasks are as follows:

  • PIZZA_PARTY: "Throw a rave at the pizza parlor." In Euclid's Pizza, toggle the power registers that control the lights multiple times.
  • DISC_READ_ERROR: "It was just doing its job..." In Sawayama Wonderdisc, when the internal EXA appear to collect a file from the buffers, kill it.
  • HOME_RUN: "Participate in America's new pastime." In XTreme League Baseball, have an EXA "run the bases" by following the links into the baseball field.
  • TONER_LOW: "Place a high volume work order." In Zebros Copies, access the copiers and have them make 1000 copies. You can write value from 1-99 into the #COPY registers to make copies. Note however that the copiers work in real time (although faster than a normal copier would) regardless of the speed you run your program at. Fortunately this is a progressive achievement which can be unlocked in multiple runs.
  • KLEPTOMANCER: "Verily hath every item been unduly purloined." In King's Ransom Online, take all the files representing items and drop them in your host. You will need to kill the other EXAs in order to have them release the items. The file numbers of the items are variable and not every file is an item. There are only 9 spaces in your host and 9 items, so dropping any incorrect file in your host will leave you without the space to hold all the items.
  • BLACKOUT: "Trigger an excessive service outage." In Alliance Power and Light, turn off all the nodes.
  • RITE_OF_PASSAGE: "You have the bog witch's approval. Now complete the rite of passage." In TEC Redshift, one of the files in the secure area is a save file for an unknown game. Edit it to set the "Rite of passage completed" flag to true.