Help EMBER-2 get money for your medicine by transferring small amounts of money from multiple bank accounts.

"Move EMBER-2's new account (file 300) into checking. Then iterate over the checking accounts listed in the directory (file 199) and, in that order, transfer $1.00 from each target account into EMBER-2's account. Finally, add the file ID of EMBER-2's account file to the end of the directory. The keywords CREDIT and DEBIT are available in file 301."

  • For each transfer, you'll need a DEBIT written to the original account, and a CREDIT written to EMBER-2's account. The account numbers also need to match up.
  • This is based on a real hypothetical attack called "salami slicing", in which tiny amounts of money are stolen from a large number of people, thus discouraging any of them from reporting or investigating because their individual loss is so small.