Exapunks Wiki

Battle another hacker for control of a TV station's signal.

"To win this battle you must make your movies play for longer than your opponent's. A movie will play when that movie's file is the only movie file sitting in a channel host. Gain one point every cycle for each of your movies that is playing (files 210 and 211). Lose one point every cycle that a movie file that isn't yours (files 230, 231, and 265) is held by an EXA you control or is sitting in your host. Lose one point every time one of your EXAs executes a KILL instruction."

  • Your NPC opponent, mutex8021, uses a very simple program. His EXAs simply place his movies into the channel hosts and then terminate. Winning against him should be quite easy.
  • It is not stated in the battle description, but attempting to delete the opponent's files will crash your EXAs with a runtime error.