EMBER-2 wants you to broadcast his video on TV by hijacking KGOG TV's satellite.

"Align the satellite dish with the target satellite by setting the azimuth, elevation, and frequency. Then transmit the data from EMBER-2's video (file 301) after encrypting it using the TV station's encryption key (file 199). The azimuth, elevation, and frequency of the target satellite are available in file 300. Note that you must align the satellite dish before transmitting any data."

  • To adjust azimuth and elevation, you must write values of 1 or -1 to the #MOTR hardware registers to adjust them one step at a time. You can read the current value in the #AZIM and #ELEV registers. The frequency can be simply written to #FREQ.
  • There is no link back into the secure host from the rest of the network, so removing the encryption key (file 199) from the secure host will make it impossible to leave no trace. You will need M.
  • The encryption key values must be added to the values from EMBER-2's file, wrapping around to 0 if the sum goes over 10000. However, EXAs cannot process a value greater than 10000, not even for a moment, so MODI alone will not help; and EXAs do not automatically lose the extra digits on overflow (like real processors do, humph!). Note, however, that none of the numbers in the broadcast or key will be negative. If that doesn't give you a clue, Google "two's complement"..