"Reset the ownership of all castles and associated sub-buildings to P00000 (file 300), the player ID for unowned buildings. To ensure there are no witnesses, you will need to disconnect all connected players by terminating every other EXA in the network before changing any file in any host."

  • Note that all EXAs in the network must be killed before changing files in any host (not just the ones in the same host). Changing a file while any EXAs will remain will fail the "leave no trace" objective even if both others are later completed.
  • You also must not have any of your EXAs within any of the six host servers before modifying files, otherwise this fails "Kill all EXAs" and "leave no trace"
  • All buildings in files numbered 200 are castles. It is not necessary to check a building is a castle.
  • The trick with this mission is that buildings can have sub-buildings. The file numbers of a building's sub-buildings appear at the end of its file. Sub-buildings can have sub-buildings also. There will never be a cycle.
  • The achievement mission KLEPTOMANCER is completed here.