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Bizarrely, the Last Stop convenience store is harboring a cult who believe that the world is not real and that they can escape by detonating a nuclear bomb. You're not sure about the world being real, but a nuclear bomb would still be bad.

"An array of five Zippe-type gas centrifuges, ZGC0 through ZGC4, are connected in a cascade configuration. Read each of the #ZGCX registers and determine which centrifuge currently has the highest pressure. Then disable that centrifuge's regulator by writing a value of 0 to its #POWR register. Repeat this process until all five regulators have been disabled."

  • Disabling a centrifuge will cause the pressure values for all other centrifuges to change, so you must return and check the registers again after each one. The registers of disabled centrifuges will return a value of 0.
  • This mission (and the name Snaxnet) is likely a reference to the famous Stuxnet military virus which infected and destroyed nuclear centrifuges.