The Phage is spreading into your brain and death is inevitable, as is the collapse of the insane world. Use its components to create a data image of your brain which can be absorbed into EMBER-2 so you have a chance of surviving as an AI.

"Create a file in your host containing the hostname and hardware register value of each neuron exactly once, sorted as pairs from lowest to highest hostname. Note that each test run has its own unique network layout."

  • If you thought the Phage missions so far were easy, you're in for a hell of a shock.
  • The network layout will never contain cycles. It might not sound it, but this is a huge help.
  • Note that not every host in the network will contain a nerve.
  • Worried about the changing network layouts? We need lots of Canaries.
  • The Bubble Sort algorithm can be relatively easily implemented on EXAs across a single file. It won't win you any prizes for speed, though.