Defeat the region lock on the Sawayama Wonderdisc so that you can play Hack-Match.

"Modify your WonderDisc, which normally only plays SSEA region games, to play games from any region. The SSEA region code is available in file 300. It is not necessary to leave no trace."

  • The WonderDisc requests a file to read by setting the #TRAK hardware register. Your EXAs must collect that file from the disc host, modify any region codes in it to SSEA, and then drop it in the buffer host. An internal EXA will then pick the file up and take it into the WonderDisc CPU.
  • In order to unlock the disc host, you have to send a password a digit at a time to the #AUTH hardware register. The password is in the second issue of the zine; it is: 803271049512526.
  • The achievement mission DISC_READ_ERROR can be completed here.
  • This mission is a reference to the real life hack on the Sony Playstation's region lockout, which used similar region codes: its region code sequences were SCEA, SCEI, and SCEE.
  • The name "Wonderdisc" resembles the Wonderswan, a real handheld console.