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EMBER-2 has developed a theory as to why the world is becoming bizarre. As a final test, he wants to found out what happens if a large number of people at once are inspired to be curious.

"Connect to each pager and copy EMBER-2's message (file 300) to the screen (#DATA). Then activate all of the pagers at exactly the same time by writing a value to each #PAGE register in the same cycle. A lost of phone numbers for the pagers is available in file 301."

  • See TEC Exa-Blaster Modem 1 if you don't remember how to use the modem. Remember that you can leave EXAs behind in hosts even after you disconnect them; doing that is essential for this mission.
  • Keep in mind that the M register cannot communicate with EXAs that no longer have a network path between them.
  • You will need to use internal timing to synchronize your EXAs, since you can't send a message to all EXAs at once.
  • While you can't choose which EXA receives a message written on M, it might not matter if all those EXAs are running the same code in the same situation. They do not all have to do the same thing, because they might receive different messages.