Russian Edit

  • ПАСЬЯНС ("Pasyans"): Solitaire.
  • РЕВОЛЮЦИОНЕР ("Revolyutsioner"): Revolutionary.
  • ГЕРОЙ_НАРОДА ("Geroy Naroda"): "Hero of the people".
  • МИХАИЛ ДАЦЮК И ПЕТР ИВАНОВ ("Mikhail Datsyuk I Petr Ivanov"): two proper names, presumably the authors of the game.
  • ПУСТОЙ ("Pustoy"): "Empty".
  • Header on the "Unknown Network": "NSTU", Novosibirsk State Technical University (a real place!)
  • "Отдел прикладной семиотики": Applied Semiotics Department

Japanese Edit

  • ゲーマー ("Gamer"): Gamer.
  • 熟練ゲーマー ("Jukuren Gamer"): Skilled Gamer.
  • 究極のゲーマー ("Kyuukyoku no Gamer"): Ultimate Gamer.
  • The "How to Play" screen in Hack*Match does correctly give the rules of the game in Japanese.