EMBER-2 wishes to contact another AI which is secured within the Russian research network.

"Terminate all other EXAs and bring any files they were holding back to your host. Only EXAs in the central host will be holding files, and their file IDs will always be between 200 and 299."

  • Note that all EXAs must be terminated, not just those in the central host.
  • You will need to use Canaries to get the files with unknown numbers.
  • EXAs outside the central host are in pairs. Once one of a pair is killed, the other will run KILL every cycle. If your EXA does not move out immediately it will be terminated.
  • If both EXAs of a pair outside the central host are terminated, the link connecting that host to the next one (from the player host POV) will become unable to be traversed by EXAs.