EMBER-2 has been making money by doing work at Workhouse at high speed. He is now concerned that this may be noticed. Modify his record at Workhouse so that it shows him doing the same amount of work at a normal speed.

"Locate EMBER-2's user file in the users host and overwrite it so that the sum of the values is the same but no individual value exceeds $75. All values, except for the last, must be the maximum value ($75). You will need to add additional values to accomplish this. EMBER-2's username is available in file 300. Note that the sum of the values in EMBER-2's account will always be less than $10,000."

  • That final sentence is telling you it's safe to use a single register to accumulate and then discharge the balance.
  • Note there is no way to return from USERS to SECURE, and carrying the file from SECURE into USERS will leave a trace. You will need to hold the correct file number in a register.