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EMBER-2 believes he has found an algorithm to predict the results of baseball games and make money through sports betting. Test it.

"The hosts active and penalty contain files that correspond to extreme baseball players (files 200-299), along with a directory file that contains a list of those files' IDs (file 199). Each player file contains their name and the following statistics in this order: BA, ZA, APB, WRT, OI, OD, PC, and PS. Create a file in your host with the name of the player with the highest score using EMBER-2's algorthim: SCORE = (BA + ZA + APB) / 3 + (WRT * OI) / OD + (PC - PS) * 20. Players in the penalty host should be ignored as they are currently banned from the game."

  • The HOME_RUN achievement mission can be completed here.
  • Notice that EMBER-2's formula uses the statistics in the exact same order they appear in the file. Pay attention to BODMAS.